3:00 AM

It’s 3:00 AM and I’m awake. I should be sleeping but I’m not. I think my cold is keeping me awake. Sigh…
I was lying in bed thinking about my girls and the names they have given their stuffed animals and baby dolls. Here is a partial list of our “adopted” family members…

Emma: 3 different size Heffalumps, all named “Lumpy,” a furry dog named “Sweet Pea,” a pink and purple lamb named “Lamby-Lamb,” a purple cat named “Birdbrain” (after my childhood favorite), a pink dog named “Pinky.”

Ruthie: a hippopotamus named “Telly,” a little white kitten named “Spooky,” a pink elephant rattle toy that all three girls played with as babies named “Juicy,” a furry pig named “Bun-Bun,” a pony named “Nothing.”

Olivia: two Winnie the Pooh bears that she calls “Poop Bear,” “Elmo,” and a purple care bear named “Share Bear” which she never, ever shares!

We also have a collection of baby dolls, all named after sweets: Cookie, Cupcake, Brownie, Lolly, Sugar, and Candy.

I’m tired…G’night!


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