Why Do I Write?

When I started this blog, it was partly to create a way of capturing the precious things happening with my children and husband. Mostly, though, it was (and still is!) an exercise in obedience. The Lord had been urging me to write for awhile and I was avoiding His leading. I wanted to experience a fuller, deeper relationship with God so I took a deep breath and started a blog. I’m not a web-surfer–who has time with three little ones?–so my only real exposure to other blogs were the ones a few friends were also writing. I loved reading their adventures in mommy-hood, too, and thought it was a great way to chronicle my own adventures.

Since I started blogging, a whole new world has been revealed to me. There are literally thousands of other bloggers out there, writing on a whole host of topics. I steer clear of anything that doesn’t have clear Christian content so that narrows it down to a few thousand. There are so many other Christian women out there, writing about their walks and talks with Jesus. It’s inspiring! It’s also intimidating. I look at their sites and see their cool graphics and links. I also see how thousands of other people have read what they have written or the number of people who leave comments on their posts. I see their sites listed as “must reads” on other blogs. One blog I was reading today had over 6,000 different people subscribing to it! Wow. As of this evening, I’ve had about 90. Satan wants me to think that my writing has no impact; that I have no influence for Christ. But here’s the thing: If I choose to obey Christ, I make an impact. Obedience leaves a deep impression when I obey the Lord.

It made me ask myself, “Why do I write?” Some days, I write to relieve stress. Other days, I feel compelled to capture some sweet but fleeting moment in my children’s world. Many days, I sense the Lord urging me to share what He is doing. What I hope God is doing in my heart is answering my prayer to be obedient in this area of my life. It isn’t for me to concern myself with who will read this or share this or be moved closer to Christ. I need only concern myself with the condition of my own heart: yielded and pliable or stubborn and rigid? Am I really allowing myself to be poured out, a broken vessel, a grafted branch? Am I willing to let God use what He is doing in my life for His glory, whatever that may be?

So, if you read my blog faithfully, thank you! If you have shared this with a friend, praise God! And, if not another soul ever reads what I write, I will still be blessed because “to obey God’s voice is to be God’s special treasure.” (Exodus 19:5)

Thanks, God, for helping me obey You. Thank You for giving me Your words. Thank You for letting me see just a glimpse of what you are doing in my life. I love what I see of You! Amen.


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