Olivia 2:30 PM

A new snafoo, hopefully one that is resolved quickly:

About 30 minutes ago, Olivia’s IV began failing. She started complaining about something hurting and then I noticed her arm starting to swell slightly. Her nurse came in and tried to flush the line with no success. The removed her original IV and are going to ask the doctor what he wants to do next. The nurse says he will most likely want to get another IV line started to continue hydration therapy. What I want to do is try oral hydration for an hour or two to see how she responds. Her fever has not returned and she is acting like her old self. I know they are still waiting for two lab results to return, sometime within the hour.

So, if you are inclined to pray, please pray that the Lord’s will be done. I certainly don’t want to bring her home before she is ready, but I also don’t want unnecessary procedures done. My desire is for her to come home and for no other IVs to be administered before she is released. I also desire for us to be back together as a family under one roof.

Thanks for being such faithful prayer partners!


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