God Glorified

Just a little while ago, Olivia’s doctor from Riley Hospital called. I guess it’s routine for them to call about 24 hours after a patient is released to make sure everything is going well and to answer any questions about after-care. Anyway, after I answered his questions, I thanked him for all of his help and for trusting us to take Olivia home a little earlier than normal. He was very quiet and then asked me if he could share something with me. He went on to say that as he was going over Olivia’s lab results and the nurses’ notes, it wasn’t adding up to an early release. But, he was having trouble with the thought of walking into her room and telling me that we would have to re-administer the IV. He came to the door and pushed it open just a bit. It was dark inside but he could hear someone talking softly. He was hearing me pray and this is what he remembers hearing:

…I know You are healing her, even now. Thank You, Father. Please, Lord, help me to accept whatever the doctor decides. Help me to submit to Your will as You speak through the doctors and nurses. Help me, Father, to trust You. My strength is failing but I know You are here…

I don’t remember saying those words but that is what the doctor heard. He shared with me that he felt the Lord telling him to let us go home. He went to his office with Olivia’s file and looked everything over again. He said that he knew he would have to find a way to justify what he felt the Lord leading him to do with medical evidence. When he opened her file again and went through the numbers, one of the reports had different numbers, different enough to justify sending her home. He then filed our release papers and came to tell me the good news.

Obviously, I was blown away when he shared this story with me. How great is our God?! I don’t think I can even capture what I am thinking and feeling right now. But I can capture my praise and offer it to the Lord. Thank You, God, for Your mercy and healing. I love You…


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