When We All Get To Heaven–Part 2

I wrote a few weeks ago about a conversation I had with my girls about what heaven will be like. (Read it here.) Since then, they have been obsessed with how fast we will all get to heaven. They argue back and forth about how quick our transition will be from earthly life to heavenly glory:

Ruthie: It will be this fast–zoom! (jumping off the coffee table)

Emma: No, it will be faster, like this–ZOOM! (spinning around and falling down)

Ruthie: It will be fast like this–schloom! (running through the kitchen)

Emma: No, like this, Ruthie–Whee! (spinning around in the office chair)

Ruthie: It will be faster than this–zip! (rolling across the floor)

Emma: Ruthie, that isn’t fast at all.

Ruthie: Oh.

Emma: It’s gonna be so fast we can’t show it. Like the wink of my eye (wink, wink, blink, blink).

Ruthie: Yeah, like the clap of my hands (clap, clap).

Olivia: Blink! Clap! Jesus is fast!

Emma and Ruthie: giggles

Olivia: Jesus go Zoom! Whee! Fly to Jesus!

Thank You, Jesus, that we will be with you soon. Thanks for making a place for me and for all who believe in You. Thank You that our transition from here to where You are will be so quick, so smooth. Thank You for being my Savior and Friend. Thank You for my girls and for the way they see things. In Your precious name, Amen.


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