God Found Me

It’s been crazy busy here what with remodeling (going ever-so-slowly), homeschooling (wait, are we still doing that?) and a catering event I’m doing this weekend (yes, I’m crazy!). I’m stealing away to the computer for a few minutes to capture a classic “Olivia moment” before it slips from my memory forever…

Yesterday, Olivia was coming down the stairs–not an entirely unusual activity. We have taught our girls from the beginning to come down the stairs backwards or on their bottoms for safety’s sake. She decided she was big enough (at just a few days shy of 2!) to attempt walking down the stairs just like the big girls. I could see her but my voice couldn’t come out of my chest fast enough to stop her. After one step she was suddenly pitched forward and flipped onto her head, back to her feet and onto her head again. I screamed (guess I know what I would do in an emergency now!) and her body just paused in the weirdest way. Instead of continuing to tumble wildly down the stairs and to a certain broken bone or two, she was just suspended there on her head for a few seconds. Almost as if she were being held there purposely. Her little body crumpled just as I reached her and scooped her up. She cried and I cried and Emma and Ruthie kept patting us both saying, “It’s okay, baby. Mommy, it’s okay. God protected her.”

After we both calmed down, I asked Olivia, “Are you hurt or scared?” She answered, “Scared!” I rocked her for a bit until she seemed to relax. I then said to her, “Olivia, you cannot walk down the stairs. You will fall and get hurt. You only go down the stairs on your bottom.” She said, “I’m okay. God found me.”

I was speechless. Did I hear my child correctly? I asked her to repeat herself several more times to make sure I was understanding what she was saying. God found her? Where on earth did she come up with something like that? I even asked her sisters if they had been talking about God with Olivia earlier in the day. They said no. God found me. God found me. God found me. I thought about that all day. Just like Olivia, God found me as I was about to tumble to certain disaster. He found me and rescued me. I was bruised and battered and headed in the wrong direction, but he saved me anyway. He scooped me up and wrapped me in His loving-kindness and held me until I was strong enough to walk again. God found me. God found me. God found me.

And, He can find you, too. Just turn around. He is there, holding you, loving you through whatever you are going through at this moment. His every thought is of you and His great love for you. He cannot help but be in love with you. He is eager to talk to you, to tell you of His love and concern for you, to bind up your brokenness and wounds, to fill your grieving heart with hope, to restore your mind with His truth. Just believe. Just receive…this gift, this precious gift. God has found you. Put your trust in the Lord and His life-saving and changing grace. I’m praying for you…

Lord, Jesus, thank You for my little Olivia’s words “God found me.” Thank You for reminding me that you did indeed find me and claim me as Your own. Thank You for loving me! O pray for anyone reading this who might be hurting or struggling to find you. Give them strength and help them to know that You have found them–the search is over. Bless them, Lord, and give them peace. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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