Happy Birthday, Sweet Olivia!

Dear Olivia,

Today is your second birthday, my sweet Olivia. Two years ago today, you came surprisingly easily and quietly into the world. There were no big banners or a waiting room filled with family and friends. You weren’t the first or the loudest or the biggest. No drama or anxiety. You came so quickly and with the tiniest little cry. So sweet and precious, such a gift from God. If I ever had any doubts about having enough room in my heart to love another, you pushed them aside with your tiny hand wrapped around my finger and your sweet smile wrapped around my heart.

The last two years have been rough for you. First the battle with allergies, then your ears and finally, the CDIF infection. But, God has held you in His hand the entire time and taught me to leave you in His tender-loving care. He has shown me what it means to trust Him with your life. He has healed you completely and for that, I will forever testify of His faithfulness and sovereign grace.

You are such a beautiful child. You are starting to assert your own will and I’m finding that you have a good deal of determination. (I could call it stubbornness, but I refuse to believe that the Lord won’t put it to good use!) Your personality is changing our family in some very good ways. You are a cuddler and a mama’s girl for now–and I love that! You adore your older sisters, but are also learning how to hold your own with them. They still think of you as a baby and you are beginning to show them that your baby days are a thing of the past. Your vocabulary is amazing for a two year old–just today your said, “Actually, I want pancakes instead.” You love Strawberry Shortcake (or “Strawberry Cake” as you call her) and your favorite stuffed animal is a purple care bear named “Share Bear” that you refuse to share with anyone. You have already memorized 2 Bible verses and you love to sing “Monkeys Jumping on the Bed” and “Patty-Cake.”

I love you, Olivia, and I am so very blessed to have you as my daughter. My prayer is that you will grow in your knowledge of the Lord, Jesus, over the next year. That you will be blessed as a part of our family and the family of God. That you will be all that God has made you to be. You bring me such joy and happiness already–I’m excited to see what God has in store for you in the next year! Happy Birthday, my sweet, sweet baby girl…Love,Mommy


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