A Question Open For Discussion…

I’ve been reading some devotions on a new site and recently noticed that the authors had highlighted a woman’s comments from a previous post and invited others to weigh in on said comments. This woman’s comments were bent towards the negative and somewhat biblically unsound. It was obvious from her comments that she has had some unpleasant experiences with other believers and is not completely grounded in the Word.
While I understood the reason those comments were called into question, I questioned the choice to draw attention to them. After a “spirited” debate amongst several commenters, the authors posted a statement that they would be highlighting comments from time to time to point out spiritual untruths or spur discussion.
Here’s my question to you, faithful (few) readers: What do you think about this sort of thing? How would you handle this sort of thing on your own blog? Would you draw attention to biblical untruth in a commentor on your blog or would you leave it alone? Delete the comment? Confront the individual? I invite you comments here…I’ll tell you what I did in a future post.


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