Top Ten Tuesdays–Hints About My Recent Absence From Blog Land

Once again, thanks to Ann for hosting Top Ten Tuesdays!

You may (or may not) have noticed my absence from this place as of late. I’m giving you my top ten hints as to the reason for my absence. I wish I were more creative, but I think you will all guess within the first couple of hints!

10. I’ve been crazy tired, needing to got to bed early (like 8:30 PM early!) and take a nap in the afternoon.
9. I’ve had a standing date with Mr. Toilet every morning.
8. None of my pants fit anymore.
7. I’m moody.
6. I cry over spilled milk, unmade beds, lost shoes, and , apparently, anything on TV about kids thanking their moms for anything at all.
5. Did I mention moody?
4. My hair has grown an inch in the past month, where it usually grows an inch every three months.
3. We’re not making any plans after Labor Day of this year.
2. Charlie has made about a dozen special trips to the store for foods that I’ve been craving.
1. I tinkled on a plastic stick several weeks ago and the result made me laugh, cry and hyper-ventilate all at the same time!

Okay, how many hints did you have to read before you figured it out? Charlie and I are expecting another little blessing this September. It came as a complete and total shock to us…I’ll have to post the story later, when I have a bit more energy. For now, I’ll just say that although I’m not feeling physically superb, I am thanking God for the reason I feel so puny. It is a blessing to be used by the Lord in this way and to learn to lean on Him even more.

Lord, Thank You for this new life. And thank You for carrying me through these last few weeks. Help me to rest in You and in Your plan for this season of my life. Thank You for suprises and for not alway letting me in on Your plans. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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