Let The Nesting Begin!

There’s really nothing like a little pre-term labor to jump start a pregnant woman’s nesting instinct. Up until this week, I was perfectly content to avoid all baby-related projects until after Labor Day. My theory was that I would have all summer to play with my existing children and then spend the last 3-4 weeks rounding up all the essentials for our new critter. Slap your self in the hospital with some powerful contractions and that tune will change in a heartbeat, mister!

This isn’t our first baby, so I don’t feel any urge to rush out and buy van loads of blue gear to decorate our nursery. In fact, our nursery will be doing double duty as a nursery/guest room/craft room/catch-all for awhile. While it was a blessing to be able to give most of our baby gear to other families in our community last summer, it has left us a little lacking. We do have a crib and dresser, a pack and play and a bouncy seat. We’re borrowing a bassinet and bath seat and will either use one of the three older strollers we already own, or trade them all in for a newer (yet, still used!) model. On the list of things left to round up and/or purchase are:

Infant Car Seat–I think we’ll be buying this item immediately after our little scare this week!

Changing pad and covers



4-6 baby blankets

Wipes (we already have a stash of newborn and size 1 diapers to get us rolling)

Crib bedding

I also have a list of projects that need to be completed before the Little Mister’s arrival:

Finish cleaning out and organizing Nursery/Guest Room

Stock large freezer with 12-20 pre-made meals

Organize master bathroom closet and under sink storage

Organize master bedroom closet–so I can find my pre-pregnancy clothes in a couple months!

Purge kitchen cabinets

Prep 3 months worth of home school materials and lesson plans–school starts for us on August 4th!

Purge all three girls’ closets and drawers to make room for Fall clothing.

Come up with some sort of plan for birth announcements/Christmas cards (yes, it could very well take me 4 months to send out birth announcements!)

Lists work well for me, so although it seems like a lengthy list and a lot of work, it gives me a place to start. I like the satisfaction of crossing things off a pre-determined list, knowing each completed task brings me closer to my goals. Also, it helps me better plan budget and time-wise. Money and time are precious commodities in this household!

Aaaah. I feel better. Maybe now that I have all this posted and sorted through I can go back to bed! It is the wee hours of the morning here and my little ones are tucked safely in bed…at someone else’s house! Me thinks I should take advantage of the opportunity to get some extra sleep!

Thanks, Lord for getting me up early to talk to You and for some time to sort through all the things that are rattling in my head. Though this is my effort at creating a plan for the next few weeks, order my days so I may glorify You fully. Give me chances to sing Your praises and reflect Your goodness. Keep my list-making and planning and preparing humble and make me dependent on You for both direction and success. Thank You for Your peaceful rest. In Jesus Name, Amen.


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