A Personal Prayer Request

It’s taken me a few days to figure out how to post this prayer request. Partly because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to share, and partly because I wanted some time to pray and let God minister to my heart.

Last Friday, my regular OB called to say that my most recent ultrasound (conducted 2 days prior) had shown some irregularities with the baby’s bowel and stomach. When he faxed the information to a specialist, the specialist called immediately and said he wanted to see me ASAP. I had about 3 hours to make arrangements for my kids (Thanks, Ann!) and get myself to the specialist’s office 1 hour away.

When I arrived they ushered me into an exam room right away and conducted another, lengthy ultrasound and focused in on the baby’s bowel and stomach. They took dozens of pictures and measurements and I asked (probably 100 times) if everything was okay. The technician was comforting but also vague about why I was even in their office. When the doctor came in, he went over the results and even did more looking at the little mister’s bowel area.

Finally, the specialist turned to me and explained that although the original ultrasound that had been faxed to him indicated a life-threatening blockage and build-up of fluid in the baby’s abdomen, he did not see that problem existing. I breathed a sigh of relief just before he went on to explain that the baby does, however, have a blockage in his large intestine. He also explained that the blockage will need to be surgically removed when this little guy is born. I know he said a lot of other things after that, but most of those things are lost to me. I heard the word “surgery” and then my brain refused to process any more information until my heart had time to catch up…which took several more hours.

As I drove home…alone, but in the presence and power of the Lord…I thought over my little guy’s unbelievable life. He isn’t really even supposed to be here at all. We aren’t supposed to be able to have any more children. But, here he is…a beautiful, wonderful surprise. And, he is a boy! An unlikely result after so many girls… It was clear to me as I thought about my son that God has clearly chosen to bless him; to create and fashion him; to preserve him and keep him. So, if that is the case, then I can choose to continue resting in that knowledge instead of letting an emotional tornado rip through my heart and head and house.

So, as you pray over the next few weeks, if you would add the following requests to your list:
1. For complete and total healing of our son.
2. For protection against fear and the unknown.
3. For wisdom for the doctors, surgeons, nurses, and staff that are assisting us.
4. For the Lord Jesus to be glorified in ALL that is about to unfold…that we can lift His name in praise and honor in each moment, no matter what may happen.


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