Things Don’t Always Go According to Plan…

***Updated to add: Our c-section has been scheduled for 11:00 AM Monday morning. Please pray for a smooth delivery as well as speedy recovery for all.

Well, at least not our own plans. They never stray from the Lord’s plans, and I am so grateful He holds the details of the universe in the palm of His hand.

It seems that the time is drawing close for our son to be born. At this week’s appointment, the doctor noted that he has more fluid in his abdomen. This is beginning to form an unsafe pattern and the end result could be a baby with ruptured intestines and severe complications. The doctor performed an amniocentesis to check the maturity of the baby’s lungs. The results came back today, and although his lungs are borderline fully mature, all the doctors involved with this pregnancy agree that it is in his best interest to deliver him next week. The extra few days will most likely give his lungs the time they need to further develop and will also ensure that the entire team of medical personnel we will need will be on hand to help all of us. Unfortunately, the baby will be delivered via c-section–something I really didn’t want. But, I am trusting the Lord that this, too, is part of His plan and that this will ultimately bring Him glory.

We are making plans to enjoy these last few days with our girls. They will have the opportunity to meet their little brother and visit with me after he is born, but will then be whisked off for spoiling at grandma’s house. Depending on the recovery process for the baby, they could be gone for a few weeks. Even typing those words brings tears to my eyes. The hardest part of all of this has been choosing to put the welfare of one child over all the others. Choosing to be separated from those dearest to you in order to care for another one who simply needs more. Again, though, we are trusting that this, too, will bring glory to God and is all part of His glorious plan of redemption.

It will be quiet here until after our son is born. I want to spend my time with my family and preparing my heart for the joy of meeting and knowing our son. My sweet husband will post photos and details of the birth late next week. If you feel led, please keep our family in your prayers and know that those prayers don’t just change us, they will change you, too.

Blessings to you all!


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