Hold Onto That Thought…

Tonight, we applied our tag team system before bed time. Charlie tackled bath time with the younger two while the older two helped me clean the upstairs bedrooms, hallway and bathroom.

First, let me just say that while we were eating our dessert at Culver’s, we were working out the details of our tag team plan and when Ruthie heard me mention the word “chores,” her eyes lit up. When she realized she was going to be assigned to the work crew, she leaned over and hugged me tight saying, “I love to clean Mommy! I’m a very good organizer!” True, daughter, very true. Please hold onto that thought as you grow up and I start giving you more things to do!

As we made our way around upstairs–picking up the toys and laundry, me–vacuuming, them–dusting with baby wipes (a great way to dust, by the way)–we ended in the bathroom. I gave Emma and Olivia (fresh from her shower) wipes to clean off the dresser and step stool and then asked Ruthie to get the toilet brush and scrub the bowl. Mistake.

Big, big mistake.

All three girls started arguing over who got to clean the toilet bowl!

Charlie was coming up the stairs and started laughing as he heard me say, “Believe me girls, you will all have ample opportunities to clean toilet bowls in your lives.”

Again, hold onto those thoughts, daughters. I see many dirty toilets in your future and I hope you have the same enthusiasm for cleaning them as you did tonight!

Thank You, Lord, that my daughters are so willing to help and eager to please. Thank You that we have so much joy in our home right now. Thank You that we are all living and loving in Your perfect will. And, thank You that we have toilet bowl cleaning to laugh over…In Your Name, Amen.


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