Unexpected Provision

This Fall, as I was putting away my maternity clothes (hallelujah!) and getting out my “street clothes,” I discovered that somehow in my attempts to organize my clothing and store it last Spring, the “charity” box and the “keeping” box were switched and I only owned clothing that was either horribly out fashion or about 3 sizes too small or big. Clothing is one item in our budget that is almost always sacrificed. The kids have generous grandparents who bless them with beautiful wardrobes, and Charlie and I try to make our clothes stretch and work for as long as possible.

I remember offering up this half-hearted prayer asking God to clothe me somehow, but thinking that I might be doomed to a winter of sweats and maternity clothes. For our anniversary, Charlie surprised me by taking me shopping for clothes. We didn’t buy much, but it was such a treat to wake up the next morning and dress in new clothes, made to fit me! I was especially grateful for a new pair of running shoes.

A few weeks ago, my brother called to say that he and his wife were cleaning out closets to make room for my new niece and wondered if Charlie and I might be interested in some of the clothing they were getting rid of. I said we would be happy to do that and they delivered three GIANT boxes filled with clothing today. After our families left, Charlie and I sorted and tried on clothes for almost an hour! It was like Christmas for us! Beautiful, like-new clothing was strewn all across our living room. I now have a closet full of comfortable, non-maternity clothing waiting for me to wear. Oh, how will I choose tomorrow?

After we sorted through the clothing, I called a good friend and asked if she and her family might be interested in the clothing that wouldn’t fit us or didn’t want. She has these two teenage boys and I thought some of the pants and shirts would be perfect for them. It was so fun to see their eyes light up as they looked through the box.

God really does provide for all our needs and even some of our wants. And I can’t help but think about my half-hearted prayers for God to clothe me in righteousness, too. He hears those prayers, too, and answers. Like the boxes of clothes in out living room today, His holy garments come free to me as well.

THANK YOU, Lord, for our new clothes! And, thank You for reminding me that You do hear, even the smallest and weakest of prayers. Help me to remember that You are, indeed, faithful and true and will take care of my every need…and even some of my wants. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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