The Great Cookie Caper ’08

Saturday, the kids and I hosted our first annual Great Cookie Caper. Ten (count ’em T-E-N!) children and their mamas (plus one grandmama!) gathered at our home to decorate and exchange cookies. Each mom/grandma prepared one dozen of two different kinds of cookies for each of the other moms/grandmas. Basically, we all brought four dozen cookies and went home with four dozen cookies. It was an easy way for all of us to accomplish our holiday baking as some of us are new mamas and some of us are working mamas.

Since we were gathering to exchange our cookies anyway, we decided that the kids should get in on the fun, too. I prepared in advance cut-out sugar cookies–eight cookies of eight varying Christmas shapes. Before the families arrived, I measured out a piece of wax paper for each child and wrote their name on. I also placed a baggie with their cookies on top…

(Sorry, I have about five free minutes and I don’t know how to rotate the picture, so just exercise your neck and turn your head…)

Next, I prepared six little cups of icing for each of the two tables set up for decorating (one table for big kids, one for small).

My friend, Ann, had the brilliant idea to cut egg cartons apart and put sprinkles in the divided cup sections. Worked like a charm.

We learned as we went and ended up putting a dollop of each color of icing on each child’s piece of wax paper to the keep the cross-contamination to a minimum. Olivia’s ended up looking like tie-dye cookies…very cool!

I also prepared some extra cut outs for the kids to decorate and eat while their “take home” cookies were drying. Here’s the end result:

It was really just an awesome morning, despite one moment of sheer panic the night before as I imagined icing dripping from the ceiling. The kids all had a great time and the moms and grandma had fun fellowshipping, too. Even the babies had fun…


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