I’m feeling very spoiled this afternoon. After a VERY busy morning Saturday hosting 140 women at our church for a Lenten breakfast, hubs graciously entertained the kiddos so I could nap and even treated us to Steak and Shake later in the day. Dinner was steak on the grill–another chore for the hubby. He even agreed to let me escape to the trail for a couple hours so I could meet up with a good friend and catch up. Somehow we ended up being able to walk the babies to sleep and get in a good conversation. And it was so sunshiney!

Today, the spoiling continued as hubs and the kiddos pitched in to help clean house. Many hands certainly do make lighter the work! After chores, everyone else magically took a nap for TWO HOURS. (Are you jealous yet?) I was able to soak the beans for dinner, make four loaves of banana bread, start catching up on my Bible in 90 Days Challenge reading, and write this post.

Yep, I’m one spoiled woman.

Thanks, Lord, for rest. For my body, for my mind, for my spirit, for my soul. Thanks for restoring me and re stirring me. Thanks for good friends and the perfect husband for me. Thanks for Your Word, for our church family, for solid teaching that isn’t afraid to offend where offense needs to be offered. Thank You for letting me serve and be served. And especially thank You for helping me accept the service of others. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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Welcome, friend. I'm so glad you are here. Join our family as we go and see all that God has for us in this season, trusting and believing in His goodness, His faithfulness, and His great love for us all. View all posts by Jen

2 responses to “Spoiled…

  • Jess

    The breakfast was wonderful by the way! Such a a blessing!So glad you had a great Saturday afterward! You are one blessed mama!

  • Michelle

    Hey, Jen! My mom was at the breakfst, and said it was wonderful! I would love to catch up with you sometime–it’s been way too long! I’m always in awe of your posts. How you keep your brood running smoothly is an amazing thing to watch through your blog! šŸ™‚

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