We’re coming off another busy weekend, preceded by three hard weeks.  Everything is fine, just hard.  That’s the season we’re in…not something we need to be rescued from, just learning how to juggle kids and marriage and life and ministry and glorify God while doing so.  It’s hard.  So when our friends from California arrived last Friday evening, it was just the spot of encouragement we needed!  We cleared our schedules and focused on having a good time with them and fellowshipping with them for three solid days.  Our friends don’t have children so our family dynamics are very different.  As a couple, they are able to pursue interests with a focus and determination that hubs and I can’t.  At times over the weekend, I found myself wishing that we could walk just a little faster than the snail’s pace we were wandering at; or that we could make it through dinner without 487 trips to the bathroom; or that the laundry and dishes weren’t so overwhelming and time consuming.  I wished that hubs and I could hold a conversation without interruption before 9:00 PM; or that I could actually sit down and read something other than homeschool curriculum, homework, Sandra Boynton books, or game board instructions.  I wished I had more information about the current political climate so I could participate in conversations.  I wished….

Instead, I need to be grateful.  For the reasons that we walk slowly, for the fact that I have children that have indeed learned to use a toilet, that we have food to eat and clothes to wear.  Grateful to have a husband to talk to at all, that we are afforded the great liberty to homeschool, that I have been educated enough to be able to read.  Grateful that my children have a fairly idyllic childhood.  Grateful that I am shielded for the time being from being sucked into arguments about politics and the world around me.  Grateful.

It’s missing sometimes, this gratitude thing.  I can get so involved in the details of my life and the merry-go-round I find myself on that I forget to stop the spinning and notice the little things that God is doing on my behalf.  Things I don’t ask for, yet need.  Things I take for granted.  Like the luxury of being able to pour out my heart even here, on this barely read blog.  That I even have time to do so or the hands that function well enough to type or the mind that can form words and sentences.  Miracles.  That’s what they are.  Our lives are miracles.  Each breath is a miracle…

So with that, some long overdue gratitude to my Father in heaven who showers me with every good and perfect gift daily, hourly, moment-by moment:

  • For hands to hold and hands to raise to you;
  • For sweaty brows and the work that made them so;
  • For happy hearts and one in particular newly given to you;
  • For friendship;
  • For the words to comfort which come from Your Word;
  • For faith–both new and restored;
  • For wisdom and knowing that the tributaries down which it flows all lead back to one Source;
  • For the rock steadiness of Christ and His church;
  • For the grace You so freely offer daily, hourly, breath-to-breath.  The rhythm Your grace provides to the orchestra of life in Christ.

Lord Jesus, I am Yours.  Thank You for making me such. 

I am grateful.


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