A Hard Question

Recently, I was able to spend a couple of hours talking about my spiritual walk with an older, wiser friend of mine.  It was a golden opportunity for me to ask some burning questions about motherhood and faith and this awesome life in Christ His grace affords us.  I rarely get one-on-one opportunities like this, so I seized the chance.  The conversation ended up veering off in an unforseen direction for me, but was totally Spirit led.  At one point (as I started to get emotional), she asked me calmly, quietly, but pointedly, “Jen, are you in sin in any way?”

I was caught off guard at the directness of the question as well as the loving but piercing look in her eyes.  I was able to answer no, thankfully.  I am not in any deliberate, on-going, knowledgeable sin.  But, that question came back to me as the week progressed:  Am I in sin?  I honestly couldn’t remember the last time anyone had asked me that so plainly, nor could I remember the last time I had asked the Holy Spirit to reveal sin in my life.  I spent several days pondering and praying and repenting of things that I was unaware of.  It was cleansing and I have to say needed.

I’m not advocating that we all wallow around in our sin and be so focused on our awareness of sin that we are afraid to live our lives.  God is gracious and slow to anger.  He is quick to forgive and abounding in mercy.  But, friend, are you in sin in any way?  Really…are you?  You don’t have to share the answer to that question with me…but it still needs to be asked.  I’ve observed in my own life with Christ that I desire to focus on the goodness of God, His infinite blessings and grace, my personal requests and needs.  I even try to make time to lift the needs and hurts of others.  But, I avoid the big “S” word.  I rarely ask God to reveal sin in my life.  That’s not a fun topic to meditate on, is it?  I mean, who likes to be reminded that they have failed?  I know I don’t.

It’s important, though to allow God to have greater control over our lives.  If we truly are desiring to go deeper, walk by faith, live like Christ, then we have to also allow God to weed out any sin that enslaves us.  It isn’t a fun process, but don’t we come out on the other side with both a greater understanding of God’s loving nature and a better picture of our dependence on Christ’s redemptive work on the cross?

If you can muster just a little bit of courage, ask God today–don’t wait!–“Lord, am I in sin in any way?  Is there anything in me that displeases You?”  And then wait.  He wants to answer that prayer.  He desires to be bigger and greater in your life right now.  With knowledge of sin comes the chance for repentance and grace.  And His Love…

Father, thank You for Your mercy which allows me to come to You and ask:  is there any sin in my life?  Show me my sin and then help me to repent.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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