Fall Fun

I love Fall.  I know it brings winter, which I detest, but I still love Fall.  This year the leaves around here a stunning.  I drive slowly down one particular street every afternoon just to enjoy the golden canopy while it lasts.  Today, we had pictures of our family taken by our good friend Rachel…I can’t wait to see them and I especially love that we were able to capture the beauty of this season–literally and figuratively.

We’ve already taken our annual trip to the apple orchard and pumpkin patch–such fun!  Little Samuel didn’t quite know what to think of the loud tractor or the endless corn maze, but it’s a great memory.  We’ve made applesauce and we’re carving our pumpkins tonight.  Later this week I’ll be making batches of chili and a couple of pecan pies.  Hopefully we can squeeze in a leaf hunt or two while the weather (and leaves) hold.  Like I said, I really love Fall.

Charlie and I were married in the Fall and this year we are celebrating ten years.  Wow.  A decade.  That flew right by in the blink of an eye.  Our wedding day was so clear and beautiful– a lot like today.  I never imagined so many blessings….so, so many.  God is so good and so faithful!  I married a gem of a man, a great dad and husband and a real leader for our home.  By far the best blessing of all.

And now, for a little visual story of this wonderful Fall we are enjoying.  Fall blessings to all of you!


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