I should be doing something else, something that has a more productive appearance.  But, it’s another tired day and the children seems to be following right behind me, undoing everything I put my attention and hands to, so here I sit catching my breath and attending to this space.  It is about as forgotten as the dusty furniture in my house!  When was the last time I even thought about blogging?!

It’s been a busy month.  We celebrated our tenth wedding anniversary a few weeks ago.  Charlie scored a fabulous deal on new cell phones for us at Wirefly (free with a very slight upgrade to our plan!) so that was our gift to each other.  They’re called “smart” phones, but really, I think you must first be smart to be able to use them!  Charlie is a pro, but I’m in need of some remedial help;)  We spent our anniversary day texting each other, recalling what we were doing at various points throughout our wedding day.  He surprised me by walking through the back door at the exact moment I walked down the aisle…very cool guy, that hubs!  It was another blessed day with the best husband and father on the planet!

Not long after that, I had a much-anticipated doctor’s appointment (no, I’m not pregnant!) to get to the source of my achy joints over the last six-plus months.  The verdict:  rheumatoid arthritis.  It wasn’t altogether unexpected–my family doctor had prepared me in advance for what we were probably dealing with.  The real surprise came in discovering that I have three small fractures in my left foot that have gone basically unnoticed!  Strange what the body can handle and the mind can overcome…Anyway, we’re working on solutions for all those health issues and I am ever so thankful for such a supportive husband.  He has been a trooper taking on more responsibility around the house and with the kids.

We’re gearing up for the holidays, trying to prepare in advance so we can enjoy this special season with family and friends.  Our pantry and freezers are stuffed to the gills in anticipation of sharing the Lord’s bounty with others…can’t wait to see who He brings to our door and table!  I’ve made good progress on my Christmas projects, though of course, I would prefer to be finished.  I’m more that halfway but less than 75% finished, if that makes sense.

Our kids are great…more than great, really.  The last few months have just been fun with them.  Maybe that’s why I haven’t been able to express myself as much in this space…I just love hanging out with my kiddos.  They are each unique, wonderful individuals and it is exciting to see the Lord at work in their lives.  I can definitely see real spiritual fruit in their lives.  Plus, they are just FUN to be with!  Three days ago, they re-discovered a large, black, plastic spider in the yard and named it “Jehovah.”  They crack me up!  We also started a Thanksgiving Journal that we fill out every night at dinner.  Some of the entries are hilarious, though Charlie and I try not to crack up in their presence.  Last night Olivia said, “I’m thankful that Emma gets to go to art class tonight, even though I think I’m a better artist than she is and I really think I should be going instead and she should have to stay home.”  Too funny!

So that’s the Henze clan, mid November.  Blessed off our socks and so excited to see where the Lord will lead next.  Truly, He is mighty and an ever-present help.  He is Light and Life and Love-Everlasting!


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Welcome, friend. I'm so glad you are here. Join our family as we go and see all that God has for us in this season, trusting and believing in His goodness, His faithfulness, and His great love for us all. View all posts by Jen

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