Finding the Time

To say that it is a struggle for a mom of four under the age of eight to find “quiet” time to study the Word is a little like saying it’s hard to stay dry in a hurricane.  It’s just plain hard.  I can tell you from experience.  I’ve tried all sorts of systems and methods over the years.  Some worked, some were a flop.  But, the important thing was to just keep trying.  In that trying have come some of my sweetest moments of fellowship with the Lord!  Not to say it’s been perfect…far from it!  There have been days, weeks and even (during a very difficult time) a month when reading the Word wasn’t on my radar.  There are reasons, and now is not the time to talk about those, but the reasons don’t seem as important now.  What is important is finding the time to be in the Bible.  Consistently, purposefully and with the intention of allowing God to have greater access to my heart and change me.

I was hunting for some free Bible coloring pages online when I stumbled across a site and had a real “duh” moment.  One of my prayer requests lately has been to find some way of fitting in my Bible reading alongside my children’s learning.  For a lot of reasons (again, not the time to go into those) I need to be studying at specific times and points in our day and week.  I re-discovered Calvary Chapel’s great website for children’s curriculum.  It has 325 individualized Bible lessons and each lesson is centered around a key passage of scripture (listed in chronological order) and contains several worksheets.  The one we printed today to complement our morning devotions was titled “Bread of Heaven” and had a coloring page, passage look-up worksheets, crossword puzzles and word searches.  Basically enough activities for our entire week!  What works great is that Ruthie and I can read the passage together and work through some of the activities and because it is Calvary Chapel, the study is extremely accurate and detailed.  (We happen to attend a Calvary Chapel and I can attest that I have personally received excellent instruction over the past nine years:) )

Anyway, it was such a “duh” moment!  I’ve seen that curriculum numerous times, but never thought to do it with my kids.  It’s been so fun!  We’re all learning–me, probably the most–and we’re learning together.  The Lord has provided the time, and not just time, quality time with my kids in the Word. 

Here’s the link:

Happy studying!

Lord, thank You for answering my prayers.  I know that You hear me and see me and Your desire is to be at work in our family.  Help us to learn.  Help us to grow.  Help us to be all that You have intended.  In Your name, Amen.


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