Oh Jesus/Emma’s Praise Song

One of the things I love most about my kids is their love for the Lord.  It is pure and unhindered.  It is a great blessing to watch them take hold of His promises and run!  So simple and free is their love for God.  I just love it!  I was cleaning out Em’s backpack and found a wadded up piece of paper.  When I opened it, she had penned a praise song to Jesus titled “Oh Jesus.”  After bursting into tears and then cleaning up my face, I found her and asked her about it.  It wasn’t a school project or assignment.  Wasn’t something everyone did during indoor recess.  She just loved Jesus so much and all that He has done for her (at the tender age of almost eight!) that she said she “was just going to burst if she didn’t write it down!”  I love it!  And, I’m humbled be her adoration.  I asked her permission to share it with you…I left the imperfect spelling, though there aren’t many mistakes.  What really shines through is her love for Christ…and so should ours.  Shouldn’t we be just about to burst with our love for the Lord? 

Oh Jesus/Emma’s Praise Song

Oh Jesus

Oh preashus Lord.

Oh Jesus

Oh perfect God.

He’s my savior

He’s the jewel of my heart.

Oh Jesus.

Oh He’s the perfect one for me!


So I’ll tell you the whole story.

He was in a girl with locks and curls.

They went to Bethlehem.

Her husband was Joseph.

So that’s the story of the greatest King.

He’s in my heart eternely.


I love Jesus!

And you should too!

Go Jesus!



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