So, we kept Olivia home from the big trip to Grammie’s.  My well-laid plans to get lots of stuff done this weekend without the girls around were laid aside to tend to my sweet girl.  As we were leaving to pick Em up from school yesterday, we got a flatter than flat tire–HUGE rock made a HUGE hole in the sidewall of our tire!  That delay ate up about 90 minutes during which her fever appeared again and helped convince me that she needed to stay home.  I knew she really didn’t feel well when she just said “okay, mama.”  She only calls me mama when she’s sad or sick.

Hubs rescued us from the flat tire–I’ll tell you, he exemplified love laying in that cold, dirty snow on the side of the road getting filthy and nearly freezing while we all stayed toasty warm in the van.  We’d never changed a flat on the new van so it took some figuring and maneuvering and prayer on our part.  Thankfully, he was able to do it and I was able to switch cars with him to go meet my mom.  I got the older two shipped off to Ohio for a fun weekend, and returned home to our pigsty of a house.  Honestly, I’ve decided that you can’t clean house and homeschool.  Really, you just have to have that understanding and peace will return to your mind.  Here I just kept thinking that if I worked just a bit harder, I could do it all…ha!

Hubs was cramming for Bible study (did I mention that we now have a Friday night study in our home–so  fun!) so I tried to keep the little ones with me as I was hiding things cleaning.  We fed them dinner and finished up our chores.  Poor Olivia was wiped out, but not comfortable enough to sleep.  I settled her on our bed to keep a close eye on her during study and turned on cartoons.  That was about the only time I saw her smile, poor thing.  THe kids hardly ever watch TV, so this was a huge treat.  God knew we had illness in the house, too, because only one person–sweet Emily–was able to make it to study.  It was such fun to get to know her better.  She’s getting ready to go to Spain this summer on a mission trip.  We were able to pray with her and for her.  It’s always such a privilege to be able to support someone like that.  We pigged out on snacks and attempted to watch a DVD on Mount Sinai.  The sound kept flickering in and out so it was sort of funny to watch.  After the movie, Emily got into “girl talk” and Charlie mysteriously disappeared–how do men sense when the conversation is headed that way?  It was fun to hang out with her and have a different sort of home fellowship.

Today, we continued our quest for a new stove.  We went to Indy to look at a scratch and dent place.  We saw several models tat might work, but had forgotten our consumer report info.  It was a good sale, so we may go back later this week.  I’m starting to really miss cooking, though the break has also been nice.  I think we’re all getting tired of grilled cheese and soup.  Tonight we broke out the little one-burner hot plate and made tacos.  It’s amazing how good they taste after so many meals of microwaved or cold foods!

When we got home, Olivia wanted to take a bubble bath so I obliged.  I’m telling you, two kids is a breeze!  I don’t mean that as an insult if you are reading and have two kids…I remember when we only had two and it felt hard.  But seriously, Charlie tended to the boy and I sat and read a magazine while Olivia swam in the tub.  Easy-peasy.  Samuel took a dunk in the tub, too, and we are now hanging out watching Tom and Jerry cartoons.  Do we know how to party or what?!    After we tuck the littles in, we’re going to watch one of my all-time favorite movies, “What About Bob?”  I love that my husband knows me so well:)  Maybe we’ll even eat a little ice cream…party, hardy *grin*

Tomorrow, one of us will probably stay home from church with Miss O.  Then, off ot pick up our big girls…just before we really start to miss them, too.  It will be nice to all be under the same roof tomorrow night.  The house feels weird, like it echoes when any of the kids are away for very long. 

We are just so blessed right now!  Though I wouldn’t say things have been easy, God has been so big in our lives.  He is faithful all the time and faithful to show us that though we are pressed, He keeps us from being crushed.  And I love seeing what is coming out of our family as we are pressed–love.  God’s love.  Awesome. 

Lord, thank You for this weekend. Though it wasn’t what I had planned, Your plans are always better.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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