Little Things

Though I dislike when my kids are sick and am praying they recover soon, it has been enjoyable to be home with all of them unexpectedly.  They are feeling bad enough that I can’t send them to school (fevers around 99.5-100.3 and hacking coughs) but not so bad that they don’t want to talk or play games or have a little low-key fun with me.  I’ll take it.  I’ll take as many more days of this as I can get (though I would rather they not be ill to get this opportunity!) and enjoy them fully.  They’ve stayed in their jammies all day the last two days (different jammies each day so we have some semblance of hygiene!).  We added hair brushing and bed making today as well as some school work.  I figured if they felt well enough to play with toys, they could manage a few pages of math and some spelling words…tough to argue when mom is also teacher!  Anyway, here’s a little list of things I’ve enjoyed while having my brood under wing:

  • Reading books.  I checked out several books from the library and we’ve gotten lost in a couple of good adventures.  They love to help me come up with the voices for the characters!
  • Listening to music.  We’ve been to iTunes and listened to several new-to-us Christian artists.  I think we’re coming up with a new playlist for our vacation this summer…
  • Playing games.  Rousing rounds of Candyland and Chutes and Ladders as well as Crazy 8’s, Old Maid, Solitaire, checkers, dominoes…fun stuff!
  • Manicures.  They are girls, afterall…(okay, Samuel is a boy, but this was during nap time)
  • Family naps.
  • Bible study.  It’s been fun to talk to them individually and see what they know and what kind of gaps exist in their knowledge.  Really fun to note how much they’ve grown and what sort of questions they have.  Emma even let me read her journal!  Not holding my breath that she’ll continue to ask me to do that as she gets older, but enjoying the liberty while it’s offered.
  • Surfing the Internet.  We don’t give them any access online yet, but they are full of questions.  We often tell them that we will look up their questions online, but sometimes forget.  It’s been fun to have time to get at some of those questions and see where those rabbit trails lead.

I know that if they were well and they were all home, we would be spending our time in another way. Not unproductive, just different.  It’s almost nice to have the excuse to have to stay home and say “no” to outside commitments.  Not that I would want to live this way all the time, but I’m taking the lemons th flu doles out and turning them into lemonade.  It’s been refreshing!

Lord, thank You for this opportunity.  Though I continue to ask that You heal my children and deliver us from this sickness, I also praise You for Your faithfulness to us and for the wisdom to see this time as a gift.  Thank You for each of my children and for how unique they are.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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