Age Appropriate Chores Chart

As a family, we have always encouraged and reinforced the idea that we work together to make the load lighter.  Even as toddlers, we have involved the kids in tasks…their first chore is always to help put clothes in the dryer.  One of the unique things about Samuel that has come to light over the last month or so is his quest for “work.”  His life right now seems to center around a drive to be accomplishing something.  We call it his job.  We’ve taught him where to place his shoes, where his coat belongs, how to throw away dirty diapers, how to put clothes in the hamper, how to put clothes in the dryer, how to “sweep” (dragging a broom all around the house), where to put his toy…  He really enjoys the sense of purpose.  Thinking about it reminded me of a great post that identifies some age-appropriate chores for children.  While it isn’t a comprehensive list, I found it to be a great starting place.  Hope it is helpful to someone out there!


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