The Way of the Door-to-Door Salesman

We live on a a busy street.  If you know us, you know we live on the busiest street in town.  Not just traffic zooming by.  I’m talking WalMart-trucks-speeding-at-4 AM and fire-engine-sirens-screaming-while-you-are-trying-to-put-the-baby-down-for-a-nap busy.  Might be why not one. single. person looked at our house while it was on the market.  Anyway, it’s a busy street.  We don’t get trick-or-treaters and the UPS man always races up the walk, rings the bell and races back to his truck faster than an Olympic sprinter to avoid having his big, brown truck smashed in by one of this pesky, speeding Wal-Mart/Indy car drivers.  Just so you get it:  we don’t get much foot traffic around here.  No girl scout cookies, no sweet school kids selling candy bars or raffle tickets or Christmas cards. 

So when the doorbell rang this afternoon, I was sure it was the UPS man, or Fed Ex, or maybe our neighbor Wanda needing her extra key.  Instead, it was a door-to-door salesman from AT&T.  He gave me a 20 second spiel and I explained that I had four kids and it wasn’t a good time, but if he wanted to stop back after Hubs got off work, he was welcome to do so.  And he did.  And he did a very nice job explaining what he was offering and the prices and the setup etc.  I don’t know where this salesman is with Jesus, but I kept thinking about Jesus while he was talking.  I kept thinking about how rare it is to have an real person show up with product in hand and be willing to answer your questions.  No flyers, no e-mails, no pesky computer generated phone calls from India (though I have nothing against India as a country, only why do we need to hire them to make our phone calls for us?).  A real, live person in our living room telling us what he had to offer and patiently answering our questions for us.  Refreshing.

And that’s what Jesus is.  Refreshing.  Because he came to us.  In the flesh.  He loved us so much that He showed up.  He knew that just writing it down wouldn’t work.  He knew a mass marketing strategy or an e-mail or text message wouldn’t work.  And He knew that phone calls from India wouldn’t do the trick either.  In order to get the job done, He was going to have to do the job Himself.  We needed to see His face, His hands, hear His voice, see His compassion.  We needed the human contact. 

Tonight, I think about whether I’m a good door-to-door salesperson…do I show up? 

  • Do I really seek opportunities to share Jesus in a meaningful, real way?
  • Do I put myself out there, willing to look foolish to share this life-saving grace that has forever changed me? 
  •  Or, am I waiting for someone to come to me? 
  • Am I waiting for it to feel “comfortable?” 

That salesman today must have rung lots of door bells, and I’m guessing that lots of homes were empty.  How many doors did he have to knock on before someone even answered, and how many more before someone was even willing to listen to what he had to say?  He even shared about a time when he was servicing an area where people came to the door strapped with guns!  It’s his job and he’s not Jesus, but the analogy works. 

  • Am I willing to be the hands and feet of Christ to those around me? 
  • Am I looking for the hurt in others and offering the soothing balm of forgiveness? 
  • Or am I too busy to be bothered? 
  • Am I afraid of being rejected? 
  • Am I too proud? 
  • Do I think it’s someone else’s job?

They are good questions.  Painful, hard questions, but good ones.

Lord, thank You for Your not-so-subtle reminders.  Bless that salesman tonight.  Help me to share you more boldly and help me to see the hurt in others and be willing to share You with them.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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