What They Know…

This year, you have learned….


  • How to consume books.  Long, long, complicated books with no pictures, hundreds of pages, little to no pictures or drawings.  You have learned to really, really love reading
  • To write in cursive.
  • To play piano with both hands, simultaneously.
  • Multiplication and some division.
  • How our country was founded, complete with a wonderful book report.
  • How to write really well…and with a lot (!) of expression (!).
  • How to be kind to your siblings, even when you don’t really want to.
  • To put others first.
  • To journal.
  • To Google.
  • To talk to God on your own.
  • To save money.
  • To paint your own nails.
  • To change a diaper.


  • To read!!!
  • To add and subtract well.
  • To play more complicated songs on the piano.
  • To organize, which you love, love, love to do and I love, love, love to let you!
  • To keep your emotions under control in difficult situations.
  • To ask for things you want…even though I know it is hard for you to do so.
  • To be a leader.
  • To be satisfied with what you have, instead of longing for what your older sister has.
  • To write with beautiful handwriting.
  • To e-mail!
  • To tie your own shoes.


  • To dress yourself.
  • To bathe yourself.
  • To recognize all your letters and numbers.
  • To share.
  • To pray for someone else…you are so good at this!
  • To work with your hands.
  • To be brave.
  • To wait your turn.
  • To not be the baby in the family.
  • To be a good friend.
  • To swing!
  • To color inside the lines and still have fun outside the lines.
  • To write letters and numbers.
  • To unload the dishwasher.
  • To walk the dog.


  • To crawl.
  • To walk.
  • To (almost) run.
  • To dance.
  • To talk…and talk, and talk, and talk.
  • To listen to books.
  • The color yellow.
  • To feed yourself.
  • To find your shoes.
  • To hang up your coat.
  • To throw away trash (and sometimes not trash.)
  • To put laundry in the hamper (and sometimes the trash can.)
  • To flush the toilet (sometimes when someone is still using it.)
  • To color…mostly on paper.
  • To fold your hands and pray with us before eating your food…such self-control for a 19 month old!


 Thank You, God, for such wonderful children and all that you are teaching me and them.  Help me to be a better teacher and a better student.  Help me not to take this time for granted.  Help me to lead them to You.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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