One Dapper Dude!

Though Samuel has had his bangs trimmed already by Hubs, he was long overdue for an official first haircut.  Something about those cascading curls made it hard for me to admit that he was growing up and turning into a little boy.  This morning, Charlie decided that it was time for The Boy to get his first haircut.  We loaded the kids into the van and headed off to a barber shop.  Hubs insisted that his boy needed to go where the men go…not some frilly salon where I take the girls.  He was right.  This right of passage was best celebrated in place exuding a bit more testosterone.  After all, our poor boy gets enough silly frilly at home with three big sisters:)

Charlie had seen a new barber shop open up downtown.  Dapper Dudes.  What a great name!  And it lived up to its name.  Turned out we both new the owner, Eric.  The place was pretty swanky, outfitted with old-fashioned barber chairs, retro couches and chairs, a coin operated pool table, and a vintage table-top video game console.  Awesome.  Local art work completed the great look of the place.  Eric was a little nervous I think, but did a super job!  This was only his second “first haircut” and he handled it beautifully.  So did Samuel.  He was fascinated by the surroundings as well as what was happening to his head.  When he got a little more comfortable, he started talking and asking questions.  At one point he said, “Happy Day!” as he watched Eric working his magic.  So cute…

If you’re local, it’s worth checking out!  $10 for a child’s haircut…located in the alley adjacent to the National City Parking lot…Sorry, Eric!  I don’t have your exact address or phone number!


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