She’s at school today.  At her “try-out” as she calls it.  Not because she feels she has to prove anything, but because she wants to “try-out” school to see if it agrees with her.  My sunshine girl.  Always smiling, always ready to serve.  Such a joyful spirit. 

It was right to keep her home this year, though I struggled with her disappointment early on.  She felt left out, left behind.  It took all my trust in the Lord’s leading to trust that home was the right place for her.  Our sunny girl had  a cloud hanging over her for a long time.  But, after weeks of praying, soothing, encouraging, exhorting, teaching…the Light chased away those clouds and our girl returned.  She has loved being home this year.  And I have loved having her home this year.  We believe one of her spiritual gifts is “helps” and she has had many opportunities this year to explore that gift.  She sees things that need to be done and does them joyfully–unloading the dishwasher or dryer, putting away laundry or toys, reading to her brother to keep him happy while I finish making dinner….the list could go on and on. 

And while I know it is right to let her go and I will miss the help she offers so joyfully, I will really miss her and who she is.  Just like I have missed her older sister and the unique person that she is as well.  This is part of them growing up and becoming who and what God has planned for them and I want what He wants…but I am so grateful that part of His plan has been for them to be home more and longer.  I am also grateful that His plan includes attending a school where they can worship unencumbered and where parents are allowed to be the main role in our girls’ lives.  I just love His perfect plan, I guess.

So pray for my girl, that she is both blessed in her adventure today as well as a blessing to her teachers and future class-mates as well.  I know she is such a blessing already to our family and to the Lord!


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