Little Missionary

We were blessed to be able to host a rather large group of people from our church last night for an impromptu “missions” night.  Though we didn’t know the missionaries prior to the event, they and their parents are well-known by many in our body.  So, we combined with another home fellowship and then invited a few others to join in the fun.  They are currently serving (along with others) in Kyrgyzstan.  To find this country look here.  As we were worshipping corporately, I looked around and felt so blessed to have so many voices raised to the Lord under our roof, around our tables.  It felt glorious, and for this stay-at-home mama it was soothing to be able to put my talents to use for the Lord while still serving the needs of my family.

The kids helped me prepare all afternoon, dusting, cleaning, mopping, folding clothes, putting away toys, entertaining The Boy.  They were so excited that real, live missionaries were going to be in our living room!  At the last-minute, they were invited to a friend’s house to play for the duration of the study.  The younger two girls immediately forgot all about the missionaries:)  They sensed the opportunity to have some fun after a long afternoon of chores and were eager to have some down time.  Emma, I could see, was very torn.  She already has a mission-oriented heart.  She loves to hear about other countries and prays often about living in another country and serving God there.  She really wanted to hear the missionaries speak and decided that she could play with her friends any time.  But her sisters didn’t want to go without her and were upset about being split up.  Yes, our kids are weird.  They really, truly like to play with each other and hate knowing they are doing something fun without one of the others.  Anyway, Emma was struggling.  She didn’t want to miss the missionaries, but also didn’t want to disappoint her sisters.  In my flesh, I wanted to step in and settle everything myself.  But the Holy Spirit was nudging me in a different direction.  I suggested to Emma that she go upstairs alone and pray about her decision and see what God wanted her to do.  So she did.

About 20 minutes later, she came down and said, “Well, even though I really want to stay here and listen to the missionaries, I think that if I am going to be a missionary someday, I should learn to put others first.  So, I’m going to go with Ruthie and Olivia so they can have a good time tonight and be happy.  You and Daddy can tell me about the missionaries tomorrow and we can read about them on the Internet or Google them.”

Wow.  Ever get completely blown away by one of your kiddos?  Happens to me more and more these days…totally a work of the Holy Spirit in her heart.  And she’s only eight…I can’t imagine what will be happening over the next decade or so…


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