Letters to My Family…

Dear Children,

You have exasperated me today.  Truly, you have.  Many, many times other mothers have commented that they don’t think they could handle four children.  I never know what to say to that comment.  Today, I would say, “I don’t think I can handle them either.”  Most days go so smoothly.  Most days you are all such a joy to be around. 

Not today.

You have all had issues today.  Back-talking.  Nit-picking.  Tantrum-throwing.  Noise-making.  Incessant jabbering.  Belligerence.  Disrespectful eye rolls.  Disobedient sighing.  Name-calling.  Whining.  Crying.  Cat-fighting.  Hitting.  Stomping.  Yelling.  Did I mention crying, because it happened more than once…

I tried to be patient.  That was probably my first mistake.  I should have just turned to God.  But instead, I made every effort to be patient instead of be made patient.  See kids, I really don’t know everything….but you’re getting that idea already, aren’t you?  Failing at being patient, I tried tolerating.  That lasted about 20 minutes or until the mud appeared in the kitchen, I don’t know which.  Then I blew a gasket.  It’s a short walk from tolerance to crazy. 

Then I apologized, but it was couched in a lecture.

Then I had to apologize again.

Then we ate chocolate on the swing and everything was okay for 3 minutes.

Then the nit-picking resumed and my antiperspirant began to stop.  And we all just hung on for the rest of the day.  I have to say, I was happy to see you all go to bed.  I know that sounds mean and like I don’t love you.  I do love you.  Each of you.  Dearly.  But children, you have been exasperating.  I am Alexander and this has been a terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad day.

While you drifted off to dreamland, I have prayed for each of you.  I have asked God to give me wisdom.  I have asked for forgiveness.  I have asked for grace.

I have also asked that this sort of day never, ever happen again.

I love you all.  I will try to be more like Jesus tomorrow.


Your Mother

Dear Husband,

Today was not a good day.  I didn’t feel appreciated by our children.

Thank you for coming home with a smile, taking out the trash, weeding the garden, putting the toilet seat down, sweeping the floor, picking up toys, smiling at me in the middle of a messy, difficult dinner, bringing me caffeine, and (most especially) letting me take a nap after dinner.

I can’t promise tomorrow will be any better…but I promise I will still love you.


Your Wife

PS  We need milk in the morning.


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Welcome, friend. I'm so glad you are here. Join our family as we go and see all that God has for us in this season, trusting and believing in His goodness, His faithfulness, and His great love for us all. View all posts by Jen

3 responses to “Letters to My Family…

  • crazynatures

    Dear Alexander, wow is the word junping in to my head now. my husband and i have one beautiful and amazing daughter. I am currently breasfeeding her and she is almost a year, i have given my all and everything for her, every second of every day, as for my husband the same, i want nothing more than to be the best wife for him, to love him and be by his side. As for me come the end of the day very little is left, but i must say im addicted to this feeling of having so much love around me. We are dreaming of four children one day and just want to say thanks for that letter you wrote, it shades a bit reality to the subject. Yes i still want four children but i think for now, i will enjoy my husband and my daughter and after a few years, lets say four, i will start making some babies. hahahaha. THANX

    • Jen

      Dream away. It’s morning and I’ve all but forgotten about yesterday:) I remember thinking that if I could give enough of myself to my husband and kiddos, everything would be fine. Somewhere along baby #3, that fell apart. Now, I give it all to God and let Him do whatever He wants with it and trust my family to Him. They and I are well taken care of:)
      Be blessed today, friend!

  • crazynatures

    Yes, for a long whule now i feel as if something is missing in my life. I do believe in God I very much try to pray every night, but with a bit sadness I must admit he is not my number one, wrong in so so so many ways, i know. The truth is I realy do not know how to make him my number one. I love him with all my heart but if there is a list he is not up there.

    This might sound strange, but how do you do it???

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