Mothering My Boy


It’s different, I’m learning.  And I’m slow to learn.
You do things differently.  LOUD!  With extra, noisy emphasis.  Persistently.  Intentionally.  Directly.
You cry and then you get over it.  That, I truly do not understand…

You are strong…physically and mentally.  You seem to always know what it is that you want and how you would like to go about getting it.  Lots of times we disagree about what you can have and how you are going to get it.  It makes me tired…

But, you can be so loving when you want to be…which would be more often without older sisters fawning over you constantly.  You have a wonderful memory for little details which thrills me to no end!  Remembering where things are kept, what colors, words, names are.  You can be a good listener if I remember to capture your attention first.  You like to be heard…I need to be a better listener in the noisy-ness of our home.

Your eyes are the same color as your Dad’s.  So striking and handsome.
We have the same toes.

You like hotdogs and cheese, blueberries and beans. 
You don’t like to be coddled or restrained. 

Mothering you is so different.  Enjoyable different.  Unique.  Challenging.  Exhausting…  Wonderful.  Bringing me closer to Christ.


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One response to “Mothering My Boy

  • Nina

    “You do things differently. LOUD! With extra, noisy emphasis. Persistently. Intentionally. Directly.”

    The word intentional keeps coming up for me. Boys and girls are so very different but I do think, boy or girl we should live with intention. The intentions of the heart are the soul spirit of praise or frustration. Let our hearts be cleansed and let our hearts intentionally praise our Creator!

    Your children will rejoice when they are able to read these posts. You need to make sure they are kept in a safe place.

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