Marked by Love

There are images in this space.  My little ones all aglow.  Memories captured and shared as a blessing to you, dear Reader. And I try to capture the feelings and thoughts of being their mother, of being His daughter with my camera.  I want to remember…

There are images I don’t want to share though.  The ones of me.  The reason we don’t have lots of mirrors in the house.  The reason I am always behind the camera.  That marked-before-birth difference that sets me plainly apart.  Husband sees past it, sees love in it, is drawn to it.  Children think nothing of it unless another child makes fun….then they defend angrily and harshly and I have to teach them the way of Love.  When I see myself, it’s still a jolt–a reminder that my reflection doesn’t match the picture God has painted on my heart.  He lets me see myself as His daughter.  Redeemed.  Loved.  Rejoiced over.  Made new.  Created with a purpose.  His…

Daughters all have a small birthmark just above their hairlines, on the backs of their necks.  With gratitude, I caressed those marks when they were placed in my arms.  Knowing we shared the same marking, but grateful theirs’ are not exposed.  Son has a scar on his belly from life-saving surgery.  Daddy has the same scar– deeper, older, but the same.  He, too, is grateful for Son’s subtler marking.  Our children are marked in physical ways just like their parents.  What we really desire is for them to be marked by the same Love that has changed us…

Being real is hard.  Makes me feel exposed and vulnerable.  But, it lets others see Christ at work in me…not the effects of sin and disobedience that are part of my selfish pride.  So, in reality and honesty and vulnerablity, here is another image…we are marked by love.  God’s beautiful love.


(Photo by my very good friend Rachel…read her beautiful words here…)


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