Brush Your Teeth

Taking a little bloggy break to vacation with my family.  Re-running some of my favorites from the past three years.  Enjoy!  Be back with memories and photos to share soon!

(Originally posted September 4, 2007)

It’s time for bed girls. Brush your teeth.
Okay, Mommy. Where’s my toothbrush?
Where we always keep it, in the cabinet.
(Giggles) Oh, yeah.

Where’s the toothpaste?
Also, in the cabinet next to the toothbrushes.
How do they make toothpaste?
I’m not sure, honey.
Where do they make toothpaste?
Probably in a factory somewhere.
On the other side of the world?
(checking the label) No, in the United States.
Which “untited” state?
It doesn’t say, sweetie, now brush your teeth.

Can we have waffles for breakfast?
We’ll see…
Can we have chocolate chip waffles?
We don’t have chocolate chip waffles.
How about M&M?
We don’t have those either.
Sprinkles with whip cream?
Excuse me?
Sorry, mama. Sorry, Jesus.
That’s better. Now, please brush your teeth.

Where do babies come from?
They come from God.
Because they are a gift.
How come they don’t come in a box?
That isn’t God’s way of bringing babies in the world.
They come in mommies’ tummies, right?
Sort of.
Annee says they come in a room.
That’s “womb,” honey.
That’s what I said!
Anyway, she says they come in a room and at church we heard that it hurts to have a baby because of Satan and the apple and sin.
That’s right.
Gifts shouldn’t hurt people.
Let’s talk about this later. Now, brush your teeth!

How do they make carpet?
I’m not sure, sweetheart.
I bet they make it the factory right next to the toothpaste.
Maybe. Now, brush your teeth.

Are dinosaurs real?
We don’t have dinosaurs today, but who knows what was alive before the Great Flood.
Yeah, I bet there were beautiful purple, glittery, sparkling dinosaurs with rainbow wings and pink hair.
Well, we’ll have to ask God about that in heaven.
I have a lot of questions for God when we get to heaven.
(Sighing) I’m certain you do. Now, I have a question for you.
What is it, mama?
Are you ever going to brush your teeth, Emma Rose?
Yeah, I was just waiting for you to stop talking, silly!


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