Another Mother’s Son

Taking a little bloggy break to vacation with my family.  Re-running some of my favorites from the past three years.  Enjoy!  Be back with memories and photos to share soon!

(Originally posted December 18, 2008)

As I watch you sleep, sweet boy, my heart cannot help but ache for another mother’s son. He was a sweet boy, too, I’m sure, taken to heaven this week, only three months older than you. I think of her grief, her sorrow, the overwhelming emptiness that must be her companion today. My heart breaks for her. I see so much possibility in you. I wonder what plans God has for you, and if you will allow God to fulfill them through you. Will you be strong? Will you be yielding? Will you be faithful? Will you be like you father…and our Father? I think about the thoughts and dreams the other mother must have had for her son. Surely this was not a thought in her mind. How could a mother conceive of such a startling end to her son’s life?

And then I think of yet another mother, who long ago held her sweet boy in her arms. The Bible says she pondered many things in her heart. How she must have adored His baby soft skin and sweet little toes. She, too, must have had thoughts about His life. But, she knew her Son would also have a startling end to His life. How hard it must have been to watch His agony, the rejection by others, His suffering. And yet, she needed Him to accomplish God’s will. He was not just her Son, but her Savior. I wonder how she spent those three days between His crucifixion and resurrection. Was it in despair and grief? Quiet expectation? Joyful hope? Reflective? Contemplative?

And, so I look at you anew, sweet boy. I still wonder what kind of life God will gift to you. No matter the outcome, there is the promise of eternal life in Christ Jesus–another mother’s son and every mother’s Savior–and I cling to the promise that He holds every detail of your life in the palm of His hand.


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