Eau de Peanut Butter

Busy doesn’t cover it.  I feel like I should have been studying military maneuvers and battle plans instead of reading baby books while I was pregnant to better prepare for this stage of life.  It’s wonderful–don’t misunderstand.  But, it’s hard.  I’m learning that I can be stretched in ways I never imagined.  And living to tell about it! 

Here’s a synopsis of what I’ve been doing over the last month (hence the lack of posting or even blog reading!):

  • Laundry–2-4 loads per day, minimum.
  • Dishes–even though we have a dishwasher, I load and unload it at least twice per day.
  • Teaching–both middle girls.  And teaching a child to read is uber important and uber exhausting at the same time!
  • Driving–to school, to preschool, to the grocery, to the bank, to the library, to drop off meals to new parents, grieving parents, MY parents!, to piano lessons, to Kids Club, to Indy in search of shoes, socks, new pants, and fruit.
  • Cleaning–though it never looks like I make any progress at all.
  • Miscellaneous–still nursing, still ministering, still praying, still seeking God in the details of this little life of mine, still balancing the checkbook and checking the oil and clipping coupons and making menus and unclogging toilets and untying knots in shoes and wiping the peanut butter off the couch and the keyboard and LIVING this beautiful, messy and peanut butter scented life.

And then there is The Boy.  Cute as he can be.  The spitting image of his handsome dad.  But, if he had been born first he would be an only child.  I love him and even all the patience-building things he does, but I honestly relish his bedtime every night.  In one day–today–he managed to dump the dog’s food into her water twice, unravel an entire roll of toilet paper, eat half a blue crayon, suck on a red marker (looked like he was wearing lipstick), spill syrup all over the newly mopped floor, pull the cat’s tail, tip over the trash can, throw two temper tantrums, chew on my deodorant, drop a toothbrush into the heating vent, and climb into the dryer.  And he’s only 13 months old.  Can’t wait for the “terrible two’s.” 

These are fun days.  Exhausting, but fun.  I’m never, ever bored.  I can always find a reason to smile and I’m usually afforded several opportunities to laugh out loud each day.  Their smiles melt any tension or flares of anger I might have.  I am blessed.  Beyond measure.

Thanks You, Lord, for the craziness of this life, of life in You.  Give me a grateful heart, give me wisdom, give me determination and grit, and please, give me sleep!  Let me be nothing but sold out to You and a blessing to these blessings.  In Your Name, Amen.


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Welcome, friend. I'm so glad you are here. Join our family as we go and see all that God has for us in this season, trusting and believing in His goodness, His faithfulness, and His great love for us all. View all posts by Jen

2 responses to “Eau de Peanut Butter

  • Sarah K.

    Jen, your accounts of Samuel’s busy day made me laugh. My, he must be a busy one! Does it make you want to just put him in the pack n’ play and walk away for a few minutes?! I admire your positive attitude.

    • Jen

      Yes, sometimes I do want to walk away for a “breather.” But, I grin and bear it, or grit my teeth, or laugh because he’s so small and so funny.

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