“pray without ceasing” 1 Thessalonians 5:17

It’s snowing and I’m lost.  I don’t know this city.  The street names are unfamiliar and I only remember a few of the landmarks from a cursory drive around the church bus route.  Is it left?  Right? Straight?  Where am I?  The car behind me beeps its horn impatiently.  I pull forward slowly.  I think I should turn left….yes, Main Street seems like the right way.  No, wait, this isn’t it…

I finally pull over.  I’m 30 minutes late.  I’m sure he’s wondering where I am.  The youth group kids are a handful and his volunteers are on Christmas break from college.  Where am I?  The house across the street looks so warm and inviting.  Pretty lights, people cozied inside probably enjoying each others’ company.  I miss my family this Christmas season.  I miss the familiarity, the comfort.  The snowflakes are bigger and thicker now.  That house seems so charming and I am wishing I knew the people who live inside.  Wishing I could be invited to be part of a family.

Snap!  Wabash…that’s the name of the street!  I find it and make my way slowly and carefully through the snow to the church and to a new sort of family and a man who will someday become all the earthly family I will ever need.

(11 years later…)

I scrub at the stubborn spot in the carpet.  Spot made by the tiny dog who thinks of the family room as an extension of the grassy yard.  I’m tired.  I’m lost in my thoughts.  This is unfamiliar territory for me.  God is working, changing, opening, refining…and I’m trying not to resist.  I’m impatient and want the changes to happen quickly and effortlessly.  Like this stained carpet, I want my sin-caused spots to be scrubbed out.  But, He is building and strengthening and that takes time.

The phone rings and I can’t find it to answer.  The children interrupt my search and I lose track of my day.  Later, the message is from a fellow Christ-follower…his words are encouraging, uplifting. I am remembered, brought to the feet of Jesus in prayer.  And grateful tears form  in my tired eyes.  Thank You, Lord.  Thank You for seeing me…

This morning, I sit across the table from Christ-follower’s wife in a meeting.  There is such love in her eyes and words.  More encouragement.  More lifting up.  How beautiful are the hands and feet of Christ…

And I drop the children off at their program and take a different way home…past that same cozy house from over a decade ago and my heart leaps inside…Christ-follower and his wife live there.  I pull over again, humbled, overwhelmed at the beautiful tapestry of God’s good grace.  That He would know the plans He has for me…to prosper me, to fulfill His promises.  That He would even let me see a glimpse of how He masterfully knits us together.  I lift up this family.  I lift up this Jesus.


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Welcome, friend. I'm so glad you are here. Join our family as we go and see all that God has for us in this season, trusting and believing in His goodness, His faithfulness, and His great love for us all. View all posts by Jen

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