How To Take A Compliment…

It’s my pride that keeps me from accepting a heart-felt compliment.
It’s discernment to see that flattery is not a compliment at all.
It’s wisdom to know that what another truly admires in me, is really Jesus in me.
It’s humbling to think He would use  me at all.

So, my advice on taking compliments is this:  Say thank you.  Be humble, yet accepting.  Then turn in prayer and offer the same words, same compliment up to Jesus.  Because He is really behind our every success.

Thank You, Lord.  For the many kind words and generous love of the body of Christ.  Thank You for being so encouraging, so supportive.  Thank You for using me at all.  Thank You for this little corner of creation that You let me roam around and these wonderful people I am allowed to know and be known by.  In Your awesome and so worthy name, Amen.


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