Daughter of Compassion

They arrive every month like clock work; those paper reminders that we needed the skillful hands of a surgeon, nurses, respiratory therapists, pediatric physicians.  Those papers keep careful record of our progress.  They arrive silently and our response is equally silent, save for the thankful prayers sent heaven-ward for the life and health of our son.

And her letters come like clock work as well.  Her writing has improved.  She is memorizing scripture, learning to read and write.  She uses her birthday money–meager gift in our eyes–to purchase shoes for herself and her family, a dress for her mother, meat to eat, a set of pretty curtains for her hut, a book–no one else she knows owns a book and she chooses a Bible written in her own language.  She loves the pictures of the blue-eyed ones, her sisters of the faith.  She tells us of her new baby brother and of the hard work it is to carry water for 2 miles each morning.  She loves her teacher.

And she tells us of her one and only dream:  to see a doctor.  I misread it at first and think she is dreaming of becoming a doctor.  No…she wants to see a doctor.  She doesn’t say why and my mind immediately races with thoughts that she is ill or someone in her family needs medical attention.  I drop to my knees and ask the Lord to guard her little body and her family, to give them health and wellness. 

I see my son from the corner of my eye.  Though it cost us dearly, his body is whole.  He is healed.  I would gladly give ten thousand times as much over and over to have him this way.  I am so grateful the Lord showed him mercy.  What would I give to make her whole, our fourth daughter, our daughter of Compassion?  What can I give to make her dream come true?  What am I willing to give up, to go without, to sell, to trade to show her who Christ really is?  Will I let it cost me dearly?

Dear Reader, pray about joining Compassion International’s mission to provide Christian education and basic needs to thousands of children world-wide.  Then come back and tell me how your heart has been stirred or how you have been moved to make a difference in the life of one child.  It would encourage me and I will share your story…


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