Becoming Seven

She rises with the dawn.  Light-weight footsteps creaking the floorboards of the stairs, tip-toeing through the house to find Mama and greet me with a kiss and a smile.  She asks if she can help with heartfelt eagerness and I set a basket of towels in front of her and she folds expertly and quickly.  She likes the helping.

She sets out the bowls and spoons and cups, helps locate the cereal and juices.  Already an expert in anticipating the needs of others.  My heart swells with pride and I have to turn away to keep that pride from pouring out through my eyes.  She is lovely.

She turns seven today.  We go for an early morning walk before anyone else is awake.  She is bubbling with excitement about her party and seeing her friends.  She wants them to have a good time and we discuss what will minister to each person.  We walk and pray and talk about what she is good at, what God has gifted to her and asked her to take care of.  She tells me what she wants to do and be and give to the Lord and I know that these are no ordinary childhood fantasies…God is creating a heart in her that is wholly devoted to His purposes.  And she is letting Him…

Her special day is perfect.  She acknowledges that the Lord has answered her prayers and she is grateful.  I am grateful for her heart.  It is a privilege to be her mother.  It is a privilege to know her.  She falls asleep and as I look in on her, I am in awe of how fearfully and wonderfully she has been made.  That I had any role at all in her creation is a wonder.

Lovely Ruthie…

Lord, Thank You for Ruthie.  Thank You for the privilege of being her mother.  Thank You for a wonderful birthday memory.  In Jesus name, Amen.


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