She’s a thousand miles away, but it might as well be to the moon because I can’t hold her hand or hug her or tell her it’g going to be okay.  Not that my touch would make her feel better.  It would make me feel better.  It would make me feel useful, like I was doing something…when there is really only one thing to do.  The same thing to do that has been done for six years now. 


Her grief washes over the miles between us and saturates me.  I weep for her, for her family, for the loss.  I weep because it isn’t fair.  It isn’t the answer we asked for.  It isn’t lining up with what we want.  I weep because it seems unjust, unloving…even cruel.  Except that our God, our Father isn’t cruel.  He is love.

I cling to that truth.  It’s all that stands firm in this storm.  He is love.

He stores our tears in a bottle, He is near to the broken-hearted.  He binds our wounds.  He is love.  He wants us to walk in that truth and trust Him.  Even when it seems that all is lost, all is hopeless.

So, I come back to it, the verse that’s been sustaining me, driving me, comforting me, encouraging me, pushing me on…

 13 I would have lost heart, unless I had believed
         That I would see the goodness of the LORD
         In the land of the living.
 14 Wait on the LORD;
         Be of good courage,
         And He shall strengthen your heart;
         Wait, I say, on the LORD!  Psalm 27:13-14

I will wait…on the Lord and His promises and His goodness and mercy.  I will wait…


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Welcome, friend. I'm so glad you are here. Join our family as we go and see all that God has for us in this season, trusting and believing in His goodness, His faithfulness, and His great love for us all. View all posts by Jen

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