Last of the Baby Girls

She’s five.  Five.  I remember clearly when she was five minutes old.  That’s about how long it took for me to fall head over heels in love with her.  The only dark-haired one in our brood.  Exceptionally tiny…tiny toes and finger, cheekbones and lips, nose and ears.  Pipsqueak.

She has been making a list for months…things she will be able to do and things she is putting away now that she’s five…no more booster seats in restaurants or thumb sucking at night…she wants to stay up later and take a shower instead of a bath.  She wants to learn to read and put away all the baby board books.  No more tricycles for her–she’s on to a big girl bike.  From her perspective, she’s been held back and has earned this place with the big kids.

From my persepctive, this day has come much too quickly.  In the blink of an eye.  Wasn’t it just yesterday that I was listening to her coo at me from her crib?  Now, she calls to me to watch her swing higher and higher and run farther and faster. 

Someday, she’ll be able to run fast enough and far enough that she won’t need me to watch her.  Sigh.  That will be a proud, but bittersweet moment.  Just like this one.

Happy, happy birthday my sweet Olivia.  I love you forever and ever and Jesus loves you more!


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