Before I became a Christian, gave my heart fully, completely to Him, I never considered that I might be lost.  Wandering.  Searching.  I made plans, made decisions, made my own way.  If things didn’t work out, I looked to whatever frame of reference was comfortable–family morals, societal norms, peer influences–to help me find my way back to the path that I had decided was correct for me.  It was off my radar to consider that the very path I was on was really just a twisting, turning dead-end with interesting scenery.

But once I came to Christ, my eyes (and heart) were slowly opened to the fact that I was indeed very, very lost.  Over time, God led me to the path He had planned for me.  Not without some resistance on my part, of course– I am human and often have to be (firmly) reminded that this life is not always about being comfortable and never about being in control.  But God is so faithful and gentle…

Today, I was heading back home from Indy, meandering through downtown.  Halfway home, I enjoyed the fact that I had not once felt lost or panicked as we drove down one-ways and snaked through detours.  I never hesitated to turn down a new street, cut across an unfamiliar neighborhood or find myself on the “wrong” side of the tracks.  It used to frighten me to be lost while driving.  It was important to always have maps and an atlas in the glove compartment.  I had trained myself to be an excellent navigator so being lost was less probable. 

But I was driving in a foreign city, four kids giggling in the back seats, no maps, no atlas.  What made me so calm and relaxed?

GPS.  We affectionately call her “Garmina” and the kids love the British accent we chose for her.  Our GPS system helps us find street addresses, restaurants, hotels, gas stations, and some pretty fun points of interest.  We never get lost.  Garmina has helped us navigate our way to some fairly tricky destinations.  Today, I let her guide me through the city to our multiple destinations and when we were done, I hit my favorite button…home.  45 minutes later, we were pulling into the driveway.

That is how God’s path differs from others.  He is the best GPS.  He always knows exactly where we are, what our surroundings are, what the best route is.  Any other path is just a twisting, turning road to destruction.  And His path may lead us down new streets of opportunity, new neighborhoods of need or what appears to be the “wrong” side of situations.  But we are never, ever lost with God.  We are never in the wrong situation, with the wrong people, under the wrong influences…when we allow Him to be our Navigator.

And He knows the way home.

Father, Thank You for guiding me, for leading me, for taking away my fears.  Help me to follow close after You, chasing after all You have planned for me.  And lead me home–to You.  In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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