Another rite of passage marked in my mother-memory.  They awoke this morning with glistening gems adorning their ears  They were excited.  Brave.  Nervous.  Joyful.  Please with the end result.  Couldn’t wait to show their friends and teachers at school.  I had carefully prepared for the event.  Close enough to Christmas that they could receive jewelry as gifts, far enough from birthdays that it could be “because I love you and you are a neat kid” event.  I also prayed for wisdom about their ages.  I knew they needed to be old enough to choose, young enough to be obedient…

Watching them twirl their earrings absent-mindedly, I thought about another piercing that is taking place in them.  They are being pierced by the Word these days.  Remembering the details of preschool Bible stories and wanting to read–for themselves–more details, more facts…more.  They are making His Word their own.  It is beginning to change their hearts. 

I hear them in the evenings, spy on them from the hallway, the soft glow of their reading lamps casting long shadows about them.  I hear them reading to each other from their Bibles, talking about Samuel and what it would be like to hear God calling to them in the night.  And one sister shares that she thinks that once she did hear God calling, the other sister encouraging her to listen and obey.  They talk about Jesus and what it will be like to see His face and know that He knows them.  They talk about memorizing scripture and what they’re working on and who they want to pray for.

And I know I am listening to holy.  I know the Light that is within them will cast long shadows in this world and my mama-heart is pierced to the core.  That I would be allowed to know them, love them, help them…truly, I am pierced.

Father, Thank You for these gifts, these children, that they have been pierced by Your Word.  May every plan You have for them come to fullness.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen


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One response to “Pierced

  • Nina

    This is quite beautiful. Your statement: “And I know I am listening to holy…” is so very beautiful. It makes me want to cry. It is holy isn’t it – and the sounds of young hearts full of wonder – innocent – hardly words to describe the beauty…

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