Writing Prompt–“Before”

As part of our monthly meeting, we writers were asked to write with a prompt.  Write a list of things marked “before.”  Before…kids, marriage, Jesus, kindergarten, breakfast…everyone’s list was different, I’m sure.  After we compiled our lists, we then had to choose one “before” and write a series of sentences that begant with “I remember.”  Next, we choose an “I remember” and wrote more “I remembers.”  It was a good exercise–got me out of my comfort zone a bit…

the end is changed just a bit for you, Steve–thanks for the feedback:)

Before my first fight with my husband,

I remember thinking we would never, ever fight.

I remember thinking he was as close to perfect as you could get.

I remember being excited when he walked through the door every night.

I remember wanting to bless him.

I remember that they way he looked at me took my breath away…

I also remember feeling frustrated.

I remember feeling overly emotional.

I remember thinking he didn’t understand me.

I remember wondering who this person was that I had married anyway.
I remember feeling sweaty.

I remember feeling hot.

I remember thinking that my patience had run dry.

I remember losing my temper.

I remember saying angry, hurtful things.

I remember not listening.

I remember feeling justified.

I remember being RIGHT.

I remember rolling my eyes at him.

I remember walking away.

I remember walking for awhile.

I remember the biting, cold wind.

I remember the moon high in the sky.

I remember the stray dog that distracted me.

(I don’t remember the patch of ice.)

I remember realizing I had fallen.

I remember lying on the ground, looking up and the world being so still.

I remember the sound of my own breathing.

I remember limping home.

I remember trying to find the courage to open the door.

I remember my heavy heart, hand on the doorknob.

And I will never, ever forget him opening the door and embracing me with love and forgiveness.

I remember.

I remember the sound of my own breathing.

I remember it catching in my throat, that awful feeling of having the wind sucked out of my lungs.

I remember thinking, “in. now, out…” trying to get the rhythmn back.

I remember hearing my breaths in my head, racing with my pulse to catch up, keep up.

I remember how the cold air stung and hurt and brought me back to reality.

I remember seeing my breath in the air.

I remember my breath vapor hovering over me like a cloud.

I remember swallowing hard and thinking.

I remember knowing I was wrong.

I remember feeling very, very small.

I remember that I kept breathing, kept living.

I remember getting up.

I remember my ankle swelling.

I remember each step being laborious.

I remember my breathing turning to panting and sweat pouring off my brow.

I remember standing on the steps of our house, heaving, trying to control my diaphragm.

I remember putting my hand on my heart, willing it to slow down.

I remember taking a deep breath as I prepared to open the door and eat crow.

I remember when he opened the door, the look of love and forgiveness written across his face

…that once again my breath was taken away.


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2 responses to “Writing Prompt–“Before”

  • Kelly Stanley

    WOW. I compiled a ragged list of random memories tonight and you expressed an amazing amount of meaningful material. I sit here in awe. You have a gift, a special way of seeing and communicating. Again, I say WOW. This is remarkably lovely.

  • Nina

    So nice of a memory compiled with so many remembered details. Memories of feelings and emotions…to find the wrongs and encounter the one right…love. Beautiful Jen – I am happy you stepped out of your comfort zone.

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