Because Being a Mother is Being a Missionary…

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(Just especially for you, tired Mama, mother to one or mother to many…because you may not know or maybe  you do know and have just forgotten…the fields of your child’s soul are ripe for scattering seeds…)

They start arguing for the hundredth time in the last hour and I’m at the end of my wit…and patience and all things lovely.  I want to drown out the argument with a stamp of the foot, a raising of my voice–to speak with a tone and authority that expresses my displeasure, my exasperation.  As their voices rise and multiply and more children are drawn into the fray, I think I might drown if I don’t overwhelm them with words of my own.  And I must choose my reaction carefully…all morning I have repeated, “Choose love, choose love, choose love…because Love has chosen you.”  And with an impatient stamp or misspoken tone, I can change all that I have tried to teach.  They will learn…but not what I have been asked to impart.

“Choose love, choose love, choose love…” I say again and again.  And I think I’m saying it more to myself than to them this time because I desperately want to choose love. 

We go on with our day, working out the wrinkles of sin and selfishness.  We pray and seek The Way, the Right Road that always leads–no matter the twisting and turning–to the same worn spot at the foot of the Cross.  We have to, each one of us,, choose to leave self there and walk with Christ or linger in the flesh.  And it’s there, at the Cross, that I’m reminded that in dying to myself, I once again become a missionary to my children.

They are not born with knowledge of God…they must be taught.  And with every word and deed, I do teach them…right or wrong, love or hate, obedience or destruction.  They will learn.  If I believe that Jesus is my Savior, then I believe He is that to them as well and it is my calling to share the good news with them.

The sharing comes in many forms…and there are more opportunities to share with them than I will ever be aware.  From the morning hug, to the afternoon snack, to the bedtime prayers…I am on a mission to share the love of Christ with my children.  I may have to change and adapt to reach them–understanding their individual needs and personalities, learning how they learn, what they value–but the message doesn’t change:  choose love, choose love, choose….because Love has chosen you.

Father, help me.  Help me cling to You.  Help me to know that You have chosen me…to be Yours and to be their mother.  Thank You for the privilege.  Forgive me for taking it for granted.  Forgive me for not giving it the attention and focus You have asked of me.  Help me to start new.  Help me to choose love, choose love, choose love…Help me to be the missionary you want me to be in the hearts of my children.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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