Having Compassion

Our fourth daughter is a daughter of compassion.  She lives in a tiny village in Uganda and is in the 4th grade.  We like to think that we chose her…but God chose her for us, weaving our hearts with hers. 

Her letters have gotten longer.  From 2-3 sentences and a page-ful of artwork to beautiful paragraphs describing what she has accomplished in school, what church is like, the weather, her work with her mother and father, her friends.  And more beautiful artwork:)

She always explains what she spends her birthday and Christmas money on…though we don’t feel that she has to account to us how the money is spent.  It does bring us joy as a family to see how the gift is multiplied…food for her family, a dress for her mother, pictures of her family, another book, chocolate ( she really IS my daughter!), and a tithe to the church.

She sends a copy of her photograph to us… her and her mother and baby brother who has grown into a beautiful 3 year-old boy.  I notice how much she has grown–shoulder height to her mother.  Her lovely dress and shoes.  How strikingly beautiful her mother is.  I want to hug her.  Tell her things…that we wish we could give more, that we pray for her and her family to have enough…food, medicine, faith, that we think of her daily, that her picture is on our fridge to serve as a reminder that spiritual food is more satisfying.

My girls talk about her with hope…that we will meet her someday, that she will know us.  They want to mail her things….books, toys, clothes.  I tell them we will mail our love and trust God with the other things.  I teach them what I know of her and her country and remind them that we are truly blessed.  That we would probably be embarrassed to show her our cabinets full of food and closets full of clothes. 

We say that we have compassion for her, but it is God who has compassion on us…that He has taken our hardened hearts and softened them to the needs of this beautiful girl.  That He would allow us to know her in part and Him in whole.

Please consider letting God choose a child to support through Compassion International.  It will change the life of a child…providing food and resources that we take for granted.  It will change your heart by revealing God’s compassion for His children.

Lord, bless our daughter and sister of compassion.  Protects her, preserve her, Your will be done in her life.  Thank You for letting us know her and making Yourself known through her…in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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