Planting in the Rain

(Written on a rainy day in April, finished just this moment…trusting God’s perfect timing, of course…)

Hubs is a gardener.  I’ve even joked that he’s obsessed…  This morning, I arrived home after grocery shopping to find Hubs and The Boy traipsing around the garden, planting onion sets.  Their boots and knees were covered in mud, water was dripping off their hats, their fingernails were completely black…and they were both in utter delight.  The Boy was having a grand time squishing the onion bulbs down into the muddy holes Hubs had created and Hubs was reveling in an unplanned day off and the opportunity to putter in the backyard unhindered.

I dashed into the house to grab my cameras and capture pictures of the two of them, carefully planting each bulb, completely oblivious to the steady drizzle.  Though I tried to protect the lenses of each camera, I’m not sure the pictures will be very good.  But the picture is seared into my memory…father and son planting in the rain.

After putting all the groceries away, starting some laundry, making the bed, and tidying up the kitchen a bit, I started thinking about the picture of my men planting in the rain and about how God does that, too.  It’s been a bit of a “rainy season,” spiritually speaking, for me.  A lot has happened over the last few months, and though I wouldn’t classify any of the things that have happened as “storms,” they haven’t been altogether pleasant, either.  But, God has still been at work, planting things, tending to my soul.

I tend to focus on the rain…how long do I have to endure this, Lord?  When will this season be over?  When will things get back to comfortable, normal?  These are honest questions, typical questions, understandable questions.  But, they aren’t the only questions…

I should be looking, asking…What are trying to show me in the middle of all this?  How can I be a blessing to others?  Can You use this to conform me to Your image?  Is anything separating me from You?  Change me, Lord…

Like my boys, God delights in planting His truth, His fruit in my heart, no matter the season.  Some seeds are best planted in the cold, some in the heat…and some, in the rain.  In fact, some of the best, most savory fruits in our life are planted in the rain.

Thank You, Lord for the rain.  Thank You that You work in my heart, no matter the condition of it.  Thank You for the harvest of grace…in Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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