Totally Beautiful

She’s on the eve of blooming.  On the wild edge of beauty, the shores of adventure.  Her last birthday was…bittersweet.  Only this same number of years left until she flies from the nest.

And every  year, her wings get stronger and she ventures farther from my wings.

We walked and talked in the garden today, harvesting and munching on the first of the tasty sweet peas.  She had a lot to tell me today–she who listens much and tells little.  I reveled in her stories and ideas.  A rare treat to really hear her thoughts, see the depth of her heart.  Good for this mama soul.  And as I watched her in one moment skip over the cabbages and the next moment tuck her hair neatly behind her ear, I was overwhelmed at her beauty and the privilege that I have to witness the details of her life.  I was filled with an urgency to tell her how fantastic she is, how precious and wonderful…how pleasing she is to me…and to God.

We walked and talked more about her life…where is God leading you?  What is He speaking to your heart?  What can you imagine doing?  I showed her the buds on trees, on rose bushes, the tiger lilies–all about to burst with color.  She smiled a knowing smile…  This is her life, about to burst with color.

Then she, wise beyond her years, showed me the roots of a rose-bush, poking out of the ground.  She smiled and told me that beautiful roses come from beautiful roots.

Then she skipped off to play with the dog.

Half little girl.  Half young woman.

Totally beautiful…

Thank You, God, for her.  And the others.  And for the joy of being a mother, a wife.  For this life, these moments, this gift of Christ-with-us.  In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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