How To Fail

Forty broccoli, forty cauliflower.  We’ve been dreaming of their harvest since February when the seed packets arrived.  We could imagine the vibrant green stalks, the snowy white heads staring back at us from the safety of our freezer shelves.  Hubs grew them carefully under lights, watering from the bottom, moving the lights every few days to keep them reaching and stretching.  They spent several nights in the cold frame before being planted carefully in the ground.  Spaced carefully, mulched heavily with grass clippings, fed compost smoothies…they have been tended well.

And this is the result…

Big, beautiful plants.  Leaves almost the size of our toddler.  Thick, healthy stalks.  These plants are rooted deeply and thriving.

But they aren’t producing any fruit.  Oh, the broccoli plants have sported a couple of little heads…But, one went to flower almost immediately.

And the cauliflower has produced nothing.  Zip.

Concerned, Hubs hunted for answers.  Too much water?  Not enough food?  Something wrong with our seeds?  Poor environment?  At last, he landed on the answer:  heat.  It’s just too hot.  These cold-weather loving plants won’t produce their fruit if it’s too hot.  And if and when they do, it will start to “bolt” or go to seed.

It’s disappointing.  Hubs has done everything right.  Taken every precaution to ensure that these plants bear fruit.  But, he can’t control the weather, can’t turn down the temperature.

Ever feel that way?  Ever just put your whole heart into something, done everything you can do to make something successful…and it just isn’t?  I have, and it isn’t a very pleasant experience.  How do we deal with the disappointment of failure?

I can tell you, I’ve dealt with it poorly at times.  I’ve been depressed, angry.  I’ve tried to blame others.  I’ve tried to make the failing thing work anyway, when it clearly won’t.

Other times, I’ve chosen to take the failure to the Lord.  “Okay, God.  I don’t get this.  I don’t know why this didn’t work.  I did my best.  I’m disappointed…but, I want You to have this.  However You can use this or be glorified, that’s fine with me.  I trust that You love me and Your plan is best.  I believe that You want only the very best for me…”

He does, you know.  He does want only the best for me…and for you.  He loves you.  His every thought towards you is good.  And though we may not understand this side of eternity why He chooses to allow failure, we can trust that His love will never fail us.  Never.

And sometimes…sometimes, what we think is lost, failed, unreachable…God shows us otherwise…


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